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Mark Atterton, Deputy Director – Human Rights Programme

Nationality: British
Previous occupation: Head of Region – Southern Africa, Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD), Caritas International
Qualifications: Masters, Poverty Reduction & Development Management; Bachelor of Science, Geography Third World Studies
Areas of expertise: Governance and human rights programming from assessment and design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, management and fundraising
RRRT start date: September 2014

 Ruby Awa 2 

Ruby Awa, Senior Human Rights Adviser

Nationality: Solomon Islander
Previous occupation: Barrister/Solicitor
Qualifications: Bachelor of Laws; Professional Diploma in Legal Practice; Diploma in Legal Drafting
Areas of expertise: Legislative reform, human rights training and capacity building.
RRRT start date: June 2006

 Nicol C

Nicol Cave, Team Leader - Human Rights Training

Nationality: South African
Previous occupation: Team Leader, Public Health Division, Secretariat of the Pacific Community
Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts Honours (Political Science); Bachelor of Arts (Double majors – Law & Political Science)
Areas of expertise: Programme management, curriculum and materials development, designing capacity building solutions and directing human rights advocacy and lobbying initiatives
RRRT start date: November 2014


George Isom, Country Focal Officer, Federated States of Micronesia

Nationality: Solomon Islander
Previous occupation: Legal Counsel – Pohnpei State Environmental Protection Agency
Qualifications: Bachelor of Laws; Professional Diploma in Legal Practice; Professional Diploma in Legislative Drafting
Areas of expertise: Legislative change, violence against women, the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process.
RRRT start date: 29th October 2012


Eseta Lauti, Country Focal Officer, Tuvalu, Gender Affairs Department, Office of the Prime Minister

Nationality: Tuvaluan
Previous occupation: Secretary-General, Tuvalu Red Cross Society (TRC)
Qualifications: Master of Arts - International Relations
Areas of expertise: Diplomacy
RRRT start date: August 2013


Ranadi Levula, Monitoring Support Officer

Nationality: Fijian
Previous occupation: Monitoring & Evaluation Assistant, Public Health Division, SPC
Qualifications: Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Economics and Management & Public Administration; currently pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma in Economics
Areas of expertise: Monitoring & evaluation and grants management
RRRT start date: August 2014


Katrina Ma’u, Human Rights Officer

Nationality: Tongan
Previous occupation: Political Issues Young Professional, Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS)
Qualifications: Masters of Arts (Human Rights & International Politics); Bachelor of Arts (Journalism & Politics); Diploma in Communications
Areas of expertise: Coordinating the Legislative Lobbying Project now called Pacific People Advancing Change, human rights training and capacity building
RRRT start date: January 2013


Neomai Maravuakula, Human Rights Officer

Nationality: Fijian
Previous occupation: Human Rights Training Officer with the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement (FWRM)
Qualifications: Professional Diploma in Legal Practice; Bachelors of Law
Areas of expertise: Human rights training and capacity building and program management
RRRT start date: July 2013


Romulo Nayacalevu, Senior Human Rights Adviser

Nationality: Fijian
Previous occupation: National Human Rights Officer, Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Pacific Office
Qualifications: Bachelor of Laws; Professional Diploma in Legal Practice; Master of Arts (Governance); Master of Arts (Diplomacy and International Affairs); Master of Laws
Areas of expertise: Human rights
RRRT start date: 2012


Amberoti Nikora, Country Focal Officer, Kiribati, Ministry of Internal and Social Affairs

Nationality: i-Kiribati
Previous occupation: Member of Parliament
Qualifications: Bachelor of Technology in Land Surveying; Diploma in Land Technology
Areas of expertise: Land surveying and mapping, community services, politics
RRRT start date: January 2013

Shobna Oct 13

Shobna Prasad, Finance Support Officer

Nationality: Fijian 
Previous occupation: Financial Accountant at Hot Bread Kitchen
Qualifications: Diploma in Business Accounting, currently completing Bachelors Degree in Accounting
Areas of expertise: Financial Reporting, Corporate Accounting,  Budgeting & Forecasting, Grant Management, Audit, General Accounting, Cash Management
RRRT start date: April 2012


Albert Seluka, Senior Human Rights Adviser

Nationality: Tuvaluan
Previous occupation: Freelance Legal Specialist and Consultant
Qualifications: Master of Laws; Professional Diploma in Legal Practice; Bachelor of Laws
Areas of expertise: Legal advisory, national capacity development, program management, community development and training.
RRRT start date: July 2013


Lilyanne Simpson-Jamieson, Administrative Assistant

Nationality: Fijian
Previous occupation: Administrative Assistant, Dolphin Island Hideaway
Qualifications: Diploma in Business (Office Administration)
Areas of expertise: Clerical and office management
RRRT start date: September 2013


Lepolo Taunisila, Country Focal Officer, Tonga, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Women Affairs Division

Nationality: Tongan
Previous occupation: Member of Parliament
Qualifications: Masters in Professional Education & Training (Deakin Uni), BA in English and Administration (USP)
Areas of expertise: Violence against women, legislative change and the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process
RRRT start date: 2009


Sainimili Tawake, Human Rights Officer

Nationality: Fijian 
Previous occupation: Fiji National Council for Disabled Persons
Qualifications: Completing BA in Social Work & Sociology
Areas of expertise: 20 years of work in disability advocacy & social inclusion
RRRT start date: 2012


Stella Duburiya, Country Focal Officer, Nauru

Nationality: Nauruan

Previous occupation: Refugee Status Determination Registrar
Qualifications: Bachelor in Education
Areas of expertise: Teaching/ Community Paralegal

RRRT start date: February 2015

Losa Bourne

Losa Bourne, Country Focal Officer, Samoa

Nationality: Samoan

Previous occupation: Senior Policy and Planning Officer, Samoa Police
Qualifications: BA Applied Psychology, Dip.Education, Cert.Counselling & Guidance
Areas of expertise:  Coordination & Orgainising Activities, Teaching, Policy Development, Strategic Planning & Criminal Investigation
RRRT start date: June 2015

 Donna Vanuatu CFO 15

Donna Pune Narai, Country Focal Officer, Vanuatu

Nationality: Ni-Vanuatu

Previous occupation: Internship with the State Law Office of Vanuatu and worked with Leo Lawyers, a Private Law Firm in Port Vila
Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Professional Diploma in Legal Practice 
RRRT start date: October 2015

Tarjo Arelong Marshall CFO 15

Tarjo Arelong, Country Focal Officer, Republic of Marshall Islands

Nationality: Marshallese

Previous occupation: Has worked in the Marshall Islands Judiciary, the Nuclear Claims Tribunal, in the USA Texas Workforce Commission and more recently as Clerk to RMI Nitijela (parliament)
Areas of expertise: Legal and legislative support

Qualifications: Bachelor of Jurisprudence
RRRT start date: October 2015

 Photo not available

Joleen Ngoriakl, Country Focal Officer, Palau

Nationality: Palauan

Previous Occupation: Researcher, Residential Counsellor, One Young World Ambassador

Area of expertise: Research; policy analysis; community organizing; writing and editing

Qualifications: Bachelors of Arts in Politics and in Peace & Justice Studies, Regis University, Denver, CO, U.S.

RRRT Start Date: November, 2015


Morgane Landel, Senior Human Rights Adviser 

Nationality: French

Previous occupation: International Consultant/Lawyer
Qualifications: Bachelors of Science (International Relations), Postgraduate Diploma in Law, Legal Practice Course, LLM (Masters in Law)

Areas of expertise: Human rights, Gender, Criminal justice
RRRT start date: December 2015


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