RRRT's vision and mission

The Pacific Community's (SPC) mission is to help Pacific Island people position themselves effectively to respond to the challenges they face and make informed decisions about their future and the future they wish to leave for the generations that follow.

This mission seeks to realise a vision of a secure and prosperous Pacific community.

Kofi Annan, when Secretary-General of the United Nations, articulated the importance of human rights in the context of peace and prosperity:

'We will not enjoy security without development, we will not enjoy freedom without security, and we will not enjoy either without human rights.'*

RRRT’s vision is a socially just and equitable Pacific Islands’ society based on principles of human rights, democracy and the rule of law as the basis of development for Pacific peoples.

RRRT’s mission is to provide technical assistance and support to Pacific governments and civil society to enable increased observance of human rights and good governance standards for the benefit of all Pacific peoples.

The Vision, Mission and objectives of RRRT are guided by the Pacific Leaders previously included in the Pacific Plan and more recently as a core value in the Framework for Pacific Regionalism and are underpinned by the Pacific Community Strategy 2016-2020.

Within this framework of mission, vision and goals, RRRT has five strategic objectives:

Objective 1:       Eleven (11) Targeted PICs respond effectively to eliminate violence against women and children; and to increase access to justice through full implementation of comprehensive DV/FP legislation.   

Objective 2:       Increased capacity of disability, LGBTQI, education and faith-based institutions towards elimination of all forms of discrimination.

Objective 3:       Increased observance of human rights and good governance standards by PIC Governments.

Objective 4:       Increased capacity of Pacific civil society to monitor and advocate for human rights, good governance and access to justice.

Objective 5:       Pacific Island Countries establish National Human Rights Institutions.


*United Nations, In larger freedom: towards peace, security and human rights for all. Report of the Secretary-General, 2005.

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SPC’s Regional Rights Resource Team receives core funding from the Australian Government and additional project support from the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Pacific Leadership Programme (PLP), European Union (EU) and the German Development Bank (KfW).