Relevant Legislation

Constitution of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea

Constitution of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville 2004

Adoption of Children Act 1968

Adoption of Children Regulation 1969

Adultery and Enticement Act 1988

Broadcasting Corporation Act 1973

Child Welfare Act 1961

Child Welfare Regulation 1962

Citizenship Act 1975

Citizenship Regulation 1975

Criminal Code (Sexual Offences and Crimes Against Children) Act 2002

Criminal Code Act 1974

Criminal Justice (Sentences) Act 1986

Criminal Law (Bail) Act 1969

Criminal Law (Compensation) Act 1991

Criminal Law (Compensation) Regulation 1992

Defamation Act 1962

Education Act 1983

Education Regulation 1983

Employment Act 1978

Employment of Non-Citizens Act 2007

Employment of Non-Citizens Regulation 2008

Employment Placement Service Act 1966

Employment Regulation 1980

Evidence (Foreign Tribunals) Act 1978

Evidence (Prescribed Officers) Regulation 1980

Evidence Act 1975

Extradition (Commonwealth Countries) Regulation 1975

Extradition Act 1975

Extradition Act 2005

HIV/AIDS Management and Prevention Act 2003

Industrial Relations Act 1962

Industrial Relations Regulation 1972

Industrial Safety, Health and Welfare Act 1961

Industrial Safety, Health and Welfare Regulation 1965

Interpretation Act 1975

Juvenile Courts Act 1991

Marriage Act 1963

Marriage Regulation 1964

Married Women's Property Act 1953

Matrimonial Causes Act 1963

Matrimonial Causes Rules

Public Health Act 1973

Sorcery Act 1971

United Nations and Specialized Agencies (Privileges and Immunities) A

Workers' Compensation Act 1978

Workers' Compensation Regulation 1983





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