Tonga flagRRRT in Tonga

RRRT trainings resulted in four strategic campaigns;

  • One focussed on the drive and support towards VAW legislative change. The stakeholders lobby and strategy resulted in a draft bill which is currently at the AG's office. Ongoing awareness is still required before the bill passes through parliament.
  • Campaign on removal of discriminatory provisions in the criminal code (sodomy and cross dressing) that affect LGBT rights in Tonga.
  • Addressing and integrating a measure to prevent violence against children in schools through the VAW Education Policy.
  • Increased awareness and understanding of new constitutional and political reforms and its impact on communities

Past support included;

  • Community para-legal trainings
  • Amendments to the Citizenship Act, recognising gender equality, 2007
  • The HIV, Ethics and Human Rights review in Tonga, 2009

For further information about RRRT's achievements in the region, visit Our Achievements page.

SPC’s Regional Rights Resource Team receives core funding from the Australian Government and additional project support from the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Pacific Leadership Programme (PLP), European Union (EU) and the German Development Bank (KfW).